"ZWOCH" s. c. is the firm specialized  in production of glass, handmade blown, decorated Christmas ornaments.  Our firm's activity is the continuation of 60  years tradition which is appreciated all over the world, which has enjoyed   an established reputation in Poland  and abroad for a long time.  We offer a full range of service connected with Christmas decorations: from designing, advising, preparing entire collections,  to performing some facilities necessary  in such production.  Our products are of the highest quality.  Our customers are always satisfied because we realize the orders on time and what's more we're able to be adequate to each Clients' desires.  We manufacture a wide assortment of Christmas tree ornaments using  dozens of our  own - recognized and proven - samples. We appreciate of course the ideas and own projects of  clients,  as well.  "ZWOCH" s. c. is cooperating for many years with customers in Europe, United States of America and Australia.

           We are the owners of the oldest in Poland archives of samples of Christmas glass decorations. Depending on it we can come up with a wide range of different models of decorations that will meet  every Customer wishes.

                                We are looking forward to seeing you!